Cyber Security

Here are some safety tips to consider when using a mobile device or computer. We also highly recommend for more security information.

  1. Auto-lock and password protect your phone and computer. Set your phone or computer to require an access password and set your screen to auto lock within minutes to help protect your information.

  2. Set strong Passwords. Don’t reuse passwords that can be easily guessed using your personal information. Try to use numbers, symbols, and change your password frequently.

  3. Notify your financial institution. Tell your bank if you have changed phone numbers, lost your mobile device or suspect fraud on your mobile device.

  4. Log out of sites. Completely log out of banking sites or other sites that include password access.

  5. Turn Wi-Fi off when not in use. Disconnect from Wi-Fi when possible so thieves do not have access to your phone/computer and information. Also, avoid Wi-Fi that does not ask for a password when accessing sensitive information.

  6. Keep your operating system and apps updated. There are periodic updates to apps and phone/computer systems. These updates add features as well as security enhancements.

  7. Avoid storing sensitive information on your phone. Do not save your passwords, account numbers, social security number, or other sensitive information on your mobile device.

  8. Be careful when clicking. Be cautious when clicking on links within emails, SMS, or social networking sites that ask for your personal information.

  9. Use caution when downloading apps. Apps can contain viruses or malware. Be aware of apps asking for unnecessary “permissions”.

  10. Be aware of your surroundings. Be careful when typing in your password or access code for observant thieves or “on-lookers”.

    For more information on Cyber Security and a printable brochure click here.