PPP Loan

We are proud to have helped our customers through the PPP application process and are equally committed to building a seamless process to assist customers through the forgiveness phase.Frontier Bank of Texas is pleased to announce it will now begin accepting Paycheck Protection Program forgiveness applications through our user-friendly online portal. The portal will provide step-by-step instructions to submit your forgiveness application and supporting documentation.

How to Apply for PPP Loan

Requests for PPP loan should be submitted using the Frontier Bank of Texas Portal.
     1.  To access the portal you will need your EIN or SSN number and your SBA loan/lender number. 
          *Important Note: Your SBA number can be found in the middle of your Promissory Note.
     2.  Log into the Frontier Bank PPP loan portal using the link below. 
     3.  Create a user ID and password.
     4.  Complete application and provide supporting documentation.

  Access PPP Loan Portal Here  

  Please see the helpful resources links below to assist you in navigating through the process.       
- PPP Forgiveness FAQ               
SBA Guidance                        
US Treasury
- 3508 Instructions
- 3508EZ Instructions

Frontier Bank continues to monitor the PPP Loan forgiveness process and will provide timely communication to borrowers in the event new guidance is issued. Additionally, we stand ready to assist you in navigating through the process. Please contact your Frontier Bank Relationship Manager with questions at any time.