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4 people standing oputside a retraunt holding a pizza and a bowl of pasta

Customer Spotlight:

Tony and Luigi’s Restaurante

This month we want to spotlight an amazing client and restaurant, Toni and Luigi’s Restaurante. The restaurant opened back in 2008, but was bought by Frontier Bank client, James Cohen, in January of this year. Located in Georgetown, Texas, the restaurant sees customers of all kinds, “we have college students, Sun City residents and everyone you can imagine in between. I believe different makes better, and that represents our guests on any given day or night.” Customers love the comfort that not only the food, but the staff, brings to the establishment. Mr. Cohen’s goal for his business is “growth for our employees through the growth of the concept. If we focus on taking care of our guests and our people we shouldn’t have too many problems.” Frontier Bank has helped Mr. Cohen by believing in him and his business plan. Cohen says “Whenever I visit the branch or need some support, I know they know who I am and they always bend over backward to help. I am not sure I would be here if not for their commitment. ”


Tony and Luigi’s Restaurante

Phone: (512) 864-2687