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Southern Style Spices

Southern Style Spices was founded in 1983 by Bill and Beverly Kemp after a fortuitous trip south of the border. This trip uncovered a love for spices and prompted the Kemp family to move to Austin to turn their new love into a thriving business. 38 years later and still going strong, the Kemp family enjoys working closely together and creating new blends of spices for their customers to enjoy. As a thriving business, Southern Style Spices is continuing to expand their reach not only in providing high quality spices to the foodservice industry but would like to expand into retail offerings. The Kemps and Southern Style Spices love being a part of the Central Texas community because it is a friendly and neighborly place to be and love to see the dishes their customers create using the spices they produce. They say their favorite thing about Frontier Bank is the same friendly and neighborly feeling they love in their community and the ease in which Frontier facilitates their financial transactions.