Debit Cards

Frontier Bank of Texas Debit Card

Chip Cards

Frontier Bank of Texas is pleased to offer our customers the latest and greatest in chip cards. These chip cards provide extra security from fraudulent activity while making purchases in person. 

We also offer Instant Issue Debit Cards.

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Fraud Detection

Debit card fraud is rampant these days, but you can rest easy! Frontier Bank of Texas works with a national debit card monitoring service. This company alerts you “real-time” if there is unusual activity on your card. This automated service will call you directly to verify transactions and send us notification as well. They will also send a text message to the number on file to verify transactions. They are fast and accurate!! If your card is being declined and it is after hours you can call 1-800-466-3552 to verify card status. 

Lost or Stolen Debit Cards

If you have lost your debit card or it is stolen during business hours, please contact us directly. If after hours, please call 1-800-500-1044.

Debit Card Replacement fee is $5.00.

Daily Debit Card Limits

For customer and bank security there are daily limits for our debit cards. There is a $1,500.00 point-of-sale daily limit and a $500.00 ATM limit, totaling $2,000.00 daily access via your MasterCard debit card.

Traveling With Debit Cards

Please notify us if you are going to be traveling and using your debit card. We will notify our debit card company with your travel dates to avoid holds or delays on your debit card.